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Dec 23, 2023

A Model of Self: Answering the Question of, “Who am I?”
In this recent episode from One Mountain, Many Paths, Dr. Gafni explores and brings together two models of Self, formulated in Cosmo-Erotic Humanism based on the empiricism of interior wisdom traditions and the advances of exterior sciences. 

The four-selves model includes:

Separate Self (the source of Western Enlightenment and all dignities of modernity)
True Self (the wisdom of Eastern enlightenment)
Unique Self (which resolves the contradiction between the Separate Self and the True Self and turns it into a paradox) – Evolutionary Unique Self: a Unique Self which sees themselves in the evolutionary context, as a part of an evolving field of Desire and Eros).

It realizes that True Self is not just the field of awareness (as taught in Eastern wisdom traditions), it is also the Field of Desire—not just being, but also becoming.The three-selves model includes:Psychological Self (defined or liberated by the past), Mystical Self (liberated by presence in the Eternal Now), and Future Self or Evolutionary Self (calling in the future).If psychological self/separate self is the past, and mystical self/true Self is the present, then Unique Self and Evolutionary Unique Self is the call of the future.

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