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Unique Self Coaching: A powerful framework for psycho-spiritual transformation

Primarily rooted in the seminal Unique Self distinctions articulated by Dr. Marc Gafni’s Unique Self Theory and Enlightenment Teachings, the Unique Self Coaching methodology offers a simple, elegant, and profound framework for the entire journey of human development.

The approach was developed in 2013 by ICC™ coaches Barbara Alexander and Claire Molinard upon Dr. Marc Gafni’s invitation to apply the Unique Self teachings to Coaching. Using the ICC™ coaching methodology, the process integrates cutting-edge 21-century psychology and ageless world spirituality wisdom and is designed to activate Unique Self Awakening. The first iteration of this program was offered between 2014 and 2018 as a training for therapists, coaches, and other change agents, through Barbara and Claire’s signature training program “Unique Self Emergence”. Since then, the program has evolved as an online training. 

For whom?

Unique Self Coaching offers a dynamic and modular curriculum that can be adapted to individuals and groups in a wide range of contexts. Because the process facilitates getting to the heart of who you are – an irreducible expression of the Love Intelligence that animates all of existence – and how the creative impulse of this Source wants to express through you, it has many applications.  

Unique Self Institute

A comprehensive, dynamic, and modular framework for radical spiritual and psychological transformation .

Unique Self Institute

The discovery of who you really are and why you are here unfolds in a trajectory of development we call: Wake Up, Grow Up, Clean Up and Show Up. These four modules map the totality of the human journey.


Unique Self Emergence for Change Agents:

Are you a change agent seeking to integrate the Unique Self teachings in your practice?
With our map, you can quickly situate your clients within their developmental trajectory; with our practices and methodologies, you can help your clients move rapidly through blockages, and open them up to new vistas of psycho-spiritual development. Once you’ve experienced the process yourself, learn the theory and practice behind our integrated step-by-step process that reliably shifts people out of a place of separateness, and into a connection with the fabric of reality and their own uniqueness.

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the Unique Self emergence training for change agents?

Unique Self Emergence for Individuals:

Those of us that are deeply concerned with the pain of the world often feel like there is nothing that we can do. We feel overwhelmed and numb out or move into despair. We madly work at something to try and make the world different.

We believe that the most effective way to respond to the outrageous pain of the world is with the outrageous love of offering our unique gifts for the benefit of allThis is our divine obligation.

Unique Self Coaching exists to help people meet this sacred and divine obligation with confidence, clarity, and compassion. Whether you are seeking spiritual connection and development, wanting to understand why your life is no longer fulfilling, exploring your life’s purpose, or trying to get traction with a particular life difficulty, we will design a Coaching program in service of your fullest Unique Self emergence.

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the Unique Self emergence training for individuals?

Endorsements for Unique Self Coaching

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Foundation for Conscious Evolution

“Every now and then a genuine breakthrough occurs in the movement for self evolution. It occurred with Michael Murphy and George Leonard launching the Human Potential Movement.

With the advent of the Unique Self Coaching Process offered by Claire Molinard and Barbara Alexander, the next breakthrough has emerged.

Based on Marc Gafni’s seminal teachings on Unique Self, the Unique Self Emergence Process offers us an evolutionary activation of our passion and power. We learn to express the Impulse of Evolution pulsing in every one of us for more life, more love, more creativity. I highly recommend this vital work.”

Sally Kempton

Sally Kempton

Workshop and seminar leader and author of Meditation for the Love of It and Awakening Shakti

“The Unique Self Coaching Process is a powerful combination of cutting-edge wisdom, psychological acuity, and innovative practical strategies for inner transformation.

Barbara Alexander and Claire Molinard are extraordinary facilitators, who have helped many people turn the corner into a more awake, alive, and self-empowered life.”

About Claire

Claire Molinard is the director of the Unique Self Institute and the co-creator of Unique Self Emergence, a developmental coaching program for change agents ready for their next level of evolution and impact.

She is an ICC Integral Master Coach™, a Core Energetics psychotherapist, and an empowered Unique Self lineage holder. Claire has been on the Center for Integral Wisdom board for the past ten years, and also serves as the co-executive director of the Outrageous Love Festival since 2016.

For the past 2 decades, she’s coached, taught and facilitated in a variety of roles, countries and contexts. To learn more about Unique Self Coaching Programs and other ways to work with Claire, go to clairemolinard.com.

Claire Molinard