Unique Self Institute

Awakening Your Unique Self Course

We all know deep down that there is something special, or unique about us. What if this place of specialness was calling towards our greatest potential? What if enlightenment was not about renouncing our uniqueness, but was about embracing it?

Based on Dr. Marc Gafni’s book, Your Unique Self, The Awakening Your Unique Self Course is a  guide to enlightenment through embracing and offering our uniqueness to the world. Not the uniqueness of the ego. But the uniqueness of our enlightened Self. That Self is an integral part of the unshakable Whole. It is the uniqueness of this Self that is calling each one of us towards our greatest potential. Because each person has gifts that only they can give.

  • Discover what it means to Live Your Unique Self, which has been hailed as the most important breakthrough spiritual teaching of this generation.
  • Understand the distinction between separateness and uniqueness, which will change your understanding of just about everything.
  • Discover why you cannot, never should, and never want to “evolve beyond ego”.
  • Realise in your own first-person experience what it might mean that “God is having a You experience.”
  • Explore how your life story (good and bad) is sacred and is a rich source of meaning and inspiration.
  • Discover why living in your unique autobiography can be both empowering and transformational.
  • look closely at how we can recognize the symptoms and danger that come with not embracing our unique story.
  • Discover the true nature of authentic callings
  • Discern your true calling from a counterfeit call (other people’s projections)
  • Learn specific steps you can take to immediately improve your relationships, love life, career success, and overall life satisfaction