Unique Self Institute

Awakening as Your Evolutionary Self
with Barbara Marx Hubbard & Marc Gafni

When Barbara Marx Hubbard, the Grande Dame of Conscious Evolution, and Marc Gafni met, it was truly a meeting of hearts, minds, souls, and Evolutionary Unique Selves. This exciting 5-part dialogue marks the beginning of their collaboration. In it, they started Joining Genius and Joining Memes for the very first time.

About Barbara Marx Hubbard

The late Barbara Marx Hubbard was a social innovator, speaker, and teacher of many thousand students on the theme of the New Evolutionary Story and The Sacred Journey of the Conscious Evolutionary. She helped introduce the worldview of conscious evolution into the world, calling this an epic evolutionary shift from Homo sapiens toward Homo Universalis, a new human and a new world. Barbara was the co-Chair of The Center for Integral Wisdom as well as the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. Together these two sister organizations are working to develop a Great Library of books, including teachings and works that evolve the source code of our culture.