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Your Unique Self is the personal face of a universal evolutionary process

One of the core principles of Unique Self theory is the narrative arc of evolution. That is what we mean when we say, “Reality is not only a fact, it is a story. It is not an ordinary story. It is a love story. It is not an ordinary love story. It is an evolutionary love story”.  Evolution is the love story of the universe. By “evolutionary love” we refer to the Eros that lives not only between human beings but which animates and drives all of Kosmos. 

Story is a first principle and first value of Kosmos. Scientifically – in terms of both the interior and exterior science we might say that every story is a fractal reflection of the story of Kosmos itself.

Like in every story there is a narrative arc and plotline to the Universe story..

 Reality moves through what we might call three distinct big bangs. Each big bang, although not named as such, is described extensively in science. This is the movement from matter, to life, to mind. This movement unfolds in the first big bang, what we call inanimate reality[the physiosphere] to the second big bang, animate life [the biosphere] to the third big bang, the depths of self-reflective human mind and culture [the noosphere]. The three big bangs are therefore the narrative arc to the universe story.

Within the narrative arc, there are five plotlines to the universe story. They can be discerned very clearly by simply observing how the universe, as charted by science, actually unfolds. The universe moves from simplicity to complexity. So the first plotline is the evolution of complexity.

Marc Gafni

In this article, Dr. Gafni explains the journey of the Self, from Separate Self to True Self and Unique Self. The case of mistaken identity adopted by most human beings on the planet through our shared narrative of Separation is exposed as the root cause of today’s fragmented world.

Whenever there is more complexity there is more consciousness. So the second plotline is the evolution of consciousness.

The universe moves towards ever more creativity. Therefore the third plotline is the evolution of creativity.

The universe moves towards ever more irreducible uniqueness. So the fourth plotline is the evolution of uniqueness.

Finally the universe moves in principle towards ever more care, love, and intimacy. The fifth plotline is the evolution of love or what we might call the progressive deepening of intimacies.

Let’s double click for a moment on this fifth plotline: 

Just a few hundred years ago virtually every person in the world felt a sense of intimate care and love only for their people, ethnocentric consciousness or intimacy. Today we have at least several hundred million people who have advanced from ethnocentric to world-centric intimacy – a felt sense of care and concern for every person on the planet.  This is a snapshot of the evolution of love, or what we also might call the evolution of intimacy.

But our focus right now is on a different plotline of Kosmos, the evolution of uniqueness. Reality moves towards ever more differentiation, which is but another way of saying ever more uniqueness. This evolutionary movement towards ever greater uniqueness unfolds through all the stages of matter, life into self-reflective human consciousness and culture.

The Fourth Big Bang:

On the human level, uniqueness emerges developmentally through all the core levels of human consciousness until something happens. There is a new explosion and we move from the third big bang to the fourth big bang. This is what we have called the fulfillment of Homo Sapiens in Homo amor, the emergence of conscious evolution, expressed through unique self and unique self symphonies. The fourth big bang is the emergence out of the core plotlines of evolution- of a new human and a new humanity.

The human being awakens to the realization that evolution is uniquely alive in, as, and through the individual human being. The human being realizes that she is at once indivisible from the seamless coat of the universe, both in its interior form – consciousness and Eros –  and its physical expression, from muons to molecules to cells all the way up the evolution chain.

Most especially the human being realizes that she is an irreducibly unique expression of the love-consciousness, love intelligence, love desire, and love beauty of reality, in her as he and through her. This is the realization of the Unique Self. As Unique Self she joins with other unique selves, – in their shared field of Eros –  to form unique self symphonies that are both radically individuated and at the same time omni-considerate for the sake of the whole. This transformation of the human identity which includes all that came before plus an entirely new human self-realization is the emergence of Homo Amor which is grounded in Unique Self.

The evolutionary emergence of Unique Self is therefore properly understood, as the inherent intention of Kosmos. When a person wakes up and realizes their Unique Self, the joy and sense of alignment are almost unimaginable because the person is aligning with an intrinsic evolutionary value, Uniqueness itself. 

With this short introduction in mind, we can unfold  the underpinnings of Unique s-Self theory from an evolutionary perspective in these essential bullet points:

  • Evolution is a movement from unconscious uniqueness to conscious uniqueness.
  • The self-reflective Unique Self —the human organism aware of its own evolutionary uniqueness— becomes a possibility with the emergence of humanity, and can be thought of as a key strange attractor in the evolutionary process.
  • Thus, your Unique Self is the personal face of a universal evolutionary process. The emergence of your unique personhood is quietly literally both the intention and the fulfillment of the evolutionary process itself.
  • Uniqueness arises in relationship: There is an evolutionary imperative to promote uniqueness as what philosophers call “a relational category” – meaning, uniqueness arises in relationship, not as an intrinsic abstract property of some individual or thing, in isolation. Therefore, Uniqueness is not just about difference; it is about differences defined through relations.
  • Each person is unique and an inherent part of the Field of Consciousness and Eros that constitutes the fabric of reality. Because every person is unique, every person has both unique gifts and a unique quality of intimacy to offer the world. A person’s unique purpose is to give their unique gifts and live their unique quality of intimacy, through actualizing one’s Unique Self and realizing one’s unique greatness. Thus, awakening as a Unique Self is to realize that every human being possesses genuine greatness. 

In psychology the term “ego” refers to a healthy sense of individuation; in spiritual texts, it refers to the contracted sense of self, where one asserts self over others. This is what we call the Separate Self, or personality, which – healthy or not, always generates pathology and breakdown. Unique Self, on the other hand, can be understood as personhood beyond ego.

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    To live a successful life of realization, power, and genuine attainment, we must be able to discern — in real time — between expressions of our separate self or ego and our Unique Self. The distinctions offered in the eight stations serve as pointing-out instructions that will help you make these discernments.

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      The Unique Self theory postulates that there is no split between personal evolution and the evolution of Reality. Thus, we don’t have to overcome or forget our story in order to participate in the larger story of Kosmic evolution. Rather, we clarify the uniqueness of our story. When we clarify the uniqueness of our story we inevitably realize that we have a unique part to play in the “larger” Universe Story.

      The Five Great Awakenings

      The democratization of enlightenment is the next step after the democratization of governance. And the latter cannot succeed without the former. The democratization of enlightenment is the idea that all individuals, not merely the elite few, have the capacity  to wake up to all that they are and were born to become, beyond their exclusive identification with ego consciousness.

      The Democratization of Enlightenment

      Unique Self Symphony
      Unique Selves join together as co-creators to realize their own full potential selves, with a shared sense of the inviolability and value of each individual’s Unique Self and of their larger capacity, capacity, and purpose.  When such a group comes together, and no one’s unique self is diminished, but all are leveraged, a new configuration of intimacy is synergized beyond the individual parts,  there emerges a Unique Self Symphony.

      Unique Self Symphony

      Evolutionary Love – the love that animates and drives reality, lives in you, as you, and through you, uniquely. Your Unique Self is your unique configuration of evolutionary love. The story of evolution is the story of both our personal and collective evolution to ever deeper levels of love. Every human being has a unique contribution to make to the evolution of love itself. That contribution is the essence of Unique Self.

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