Unique Self Institute

Unique Self Emergence: Your Journey of Psycho-Spiritual Evolution

Mar 16, 2024

(This blog post is an AI-assisted summary of part of a conversation between Unique Self Institute founder Claire Molinard, her coaching partner David Cicerchi, and podcast host Sabri Gazail).  

In a world where transformation is split between either of the personal growth and the spiritual awakening, the Unique Self Emergence Process combines both approaches for a whole-person transformation in the context of something larger than themselves. This journey, encapsulated in a nine-month program, embodies what can be described as a psychospiritual technology, aimed at facilitating the emergence of one’s Unique Self through an integrated series of practices.

The Process: An Incubation of the Self

The journey begins by entering an incubator-like process, a carefully designed sequence that unfolds over nine months, mirroring the gestational period of human birth. This is no coincidence, as the process is fundamentally about birth—the rebirth of the individual into a more authentic, realized self.

Dismantling the Separate Self

The initial phase focuses on dismantling the shell of the Separate Self. Participants engage in therapeutic practices that work with ego identifications, including shadow work and various methods that help break down the hardened exterior of the ego. This part of the journey is about confronting and working through the aspects of oneself that maintain the illusion of separation, such as their tendency to get stuck in future fantasies of betterment, trapped in perfectionism, or neglectful of one’s own needs.  

The False Self and Compassionate Presence

A pivotal part of the journey involves addressing the false self—the constructed identity based on wounds and false beliefs like “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t belong”, or “I’m unsafe.” that arise from early core wounds. Through practices designed to bring compassion and awareness to these wounded parts, participants learn to release these fixations, creating space for them to rest in the spaciousness and peace of True Self.

Bridging to the True Self

As the veil thins between the Separate Self and the True Self—the essence of oneness consciousness—participants are introduced to diverse practices and philosophies, from Zen to mystical Christianity. This diversity ensures that each individual can find their unique pathway into the experience of their True Self, offering a taste of what it means to live from a place of deeper, universal connection.

Cultivating Unique Self and Contribution

With a foundation laid for recognizing the Separate Self as an object rather than the entirety of one’s identity, the focus of the next phase of the program shifts towards cultivating the unique gifts and capabilities of the individual. Inspired by Dr. Marc Gafni’s teachings on lines and circles, this phase addresses fundamental polarities within the self and the world, guiding participants to illuminate neglected masculine and feminine qualities—for example, between action and receptivity, between making things happen and allowing things to unfold.  A coherent flow between these opposites constitutes a person’s unique configuration of lines and circles. This dynamic balance is critical for anyone looking to live a life that truly reflects their unique essence and capabilities.  From this integrating place of identity, participants learn to discover and express their unique gifts more fully where they are most needed.

The Program: A Spiral of Growth

In the form of a spiral, the program invites repeated engagement, allowing participants to peel back layers of their being with each iteration. It is a process designed not only to be experienced but to be integrated and embodied, offering tools that remain with the participant long after the initial nine months.

Personal Development and Spiritual Awakening Intertwined

What sets this process apart from other growth-oriented programs is its dual focus on personal development and spiritual awakening. It doesn’t just aim to improve the individual’s life in a mundane sense but seeks to awaken them to the ultimate realities of existence, and give their gifts beyond themselves to a world that so profoundly needs them.  By the end of the program, participants become certified Unique Self Coaches who can utilize any aspect of this process with those they serve, causing a ripple effect of transformation. 

Unique Self coaches employ integral coaching principles, leveraging the most impactful points for human transformation. This methodology ensures that the principles of growth and awakening are not just theoretical but become vividly alive in the participants’ daily lives.

Conclusion: A Journey of Embodiment

This nine-month journey is not just about spiritual or psychological theory but about the embodiment of deep truths. It’s about making the transition from knowing to being, from the Separate Self to the True Self, and ultimately, to the Unique Self that each of us is meant to express in this world.

Through a blend of meticulous practices, compassionate self-inquiry, and the courage to confront and embrace one’s deepest truths, the program offers a path to a more authentic, empowered, and connected way of living. It is an invitation to transform not only oneself but through one’s unique gifts, to contribute to the transformation of the world.