Unique Self Institute

John Mackey & Marc Gafni

Watch and listen as John Mackey and Dr. Marc Gafni explore a new vision of Success for the new millennium.

In this dialogue, John and Marc track the success literature, and the many meanings of the word Success, back through history. They conclude, in Marc’s words from the dialogue, that “[success] has to be inclusive and at the same time have a hierarchy. That means it’s got to include the best of traditional, modern, and postmodern wisdom, the best of Success 0, Success 1.0, and Success 2.0 – and yet it must offer something larger.”

About John Mackey

John P. Mackey is an American businessman and writer. He is the CEO of the Whole Foods Market, which he co-founded in 1980. Named Ernst&Young entrepreneur of the year in 2003, he is one of the most influential advocates in the movement for organic foods.

He is the co-writer of the bestselling book Conscious Capitalism, which was released in 2013.

This interview led by Michael Ellsberg, was for an article on Forbes. In it, Mackey and Gafni are talking about the important interface between their two books, Conscious Capitalism and Your Unique Self. Specific focus was given to an idea that John and Marc have developed together: the Unique Self of a corporation.

The second part of the evening was a public conversation between Marc and John, masterfully facilitated by Michael Ellsberg and followed by an invitation-only dialogue with twenty-five convened millennial leaders. John Mackey is the Board Co-Chair of the Center for Integral Wisdom and Chairman and CEO of Whole Foods Market. And he is a fearless leader in the great calling for the Evolution of Consciousness and Culture. The dialogue was filmed, and we hope you will enjoy it here.