Unique Self Institute

Ken Wilber & Marc Gafni: Unique Self as Evolutionary Emergent

This set of early dialogues between Ken Wilber and Dr Marc Gafni, on the evolutionary emergent of Unique Self is historical, as they ground the Unique Self Theory within the larger context of Integral Meta Theory.

About Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber is the most influential figure in defining the terms of discussion on what constitutes the “Integral” perspective today. His corpus of 25 widely translated books has erected an intellectual framework for understanding the nature of converging trends in philosophy, psychology, sociology, and other disciplines. His books have often been bestsellers, and his scholarly books have been the basis for numerous academic programs, masters, and doctoral dissertations. He is a leading voice in support of World Spirituality based on Integral principles and has been one of the founding members of the Wisdom Council of the Center for World Spirituality.