Unique Self Institute

Marc Gafni and Charles Randall Paul
in Dialogue

Among the topics discussed by Charles Randall Paul and Marc Gafni in this dialogue is the role of Unique Self in inter-religious dialogue. Through Paul’s Foundation for Religious Diplomacy, he helps people from different faiths to achieve a loving mutual friendship while retaining the deep and irreconcilable convictions that set them apart.

In the course of the dialogue Paul asks Gafni for clarification of Unique Self teaching on Eastern enlightenment. Gafni says that unattachment is a higher integral embrace of East and West, and its general position is that nobody is entirely wrong. Every great system has its own understanding that is true and partial, he says. The great understanding of the East is that to move beyond suffering, you have to move beyond your identity as a separate self. And Unique Self retains that central insight by incorporating the teaching that separateness is the source of suffering but it is different from uniqueness.

About Charles Randall Paul

Charles Randall Paul, Ph.D., is one of the most creative leading edge orthodox theologians in the world today. He is board chair, founder, and president of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy. He has lectured widely and written numerous articles on healthy methods for engaging differences in religions and ideologies, and he is currently completing two books: Fighting about God: Why We Do It and How to Do It Better and Converting the Saints: An American Religious Conflict. He is on the board of editors for the International Journal of Decision Ethics.