Unique Self Institute

The Framework

There are three phases to the Unique Self Coaching Process: Immersion, Emergence, and Embodiment

In the Immersion Phase, we use several exploration tools to access a comprehensive view of how you perceive yourself and the world. This perspective is often invisible to you. Not only is it invisible but also it unknowingly prevents you from making the changes you desire. While it has many positive qualities, you’ll find that its limiting qualities can serve as a “foot on the brake” that gets in the way of your “foot on the pedal” desire to change. Once we have a clear picture of your perspective and exactly what you wish to change we move to the second phase of the process.

In the Emergence Phase, we’ll chart a path toward a deeper and wider way of being, one that involves learning new competencies through specific practices, reflection, feedback, and support through the use of the Four Modules. It begins by teaching you ways to identify and release your limiting qualities or False Self Pattern. As you loosen the grip of your pattern, you’ll engage in practices that assist you to drop more deeply into your True Self, that experiential reality of interconnectedness with Source.

From here you’ll engage in practices to identify and foster your Unique Self, the amazing and particular way that Source shows up as you, that is different than anyone else in the world.

The Embodiment Phase completes and celebrates the conclusion of the coaching process and grounds your unique offering in your particular circle of care and concern.

The length of time of each individual coaching program varies depending on the person but generally, the whole process takes between 9 – 12 months.

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Unique Self Institute

The discovery of who you really are and why you are here unfolds in a trajectory of development we call: Grow Up, Wake Up, Clean Up and Show Up. These four modules map the totality of the human journey.

We are forming a NEW cohort of twelve coaches to become certified in Unique Self Coaching, starting the Spring of 2024!

What people say about the training program

Lynn Matthews

Lynn Matthews

Certified Pilates Instructor. Owner Vibe Pilates Studio

“Unique Self Emergence is an exploration of Self, serenading psychology and spirituality to make sense of the wild and beautiful cacophony of the world in which we live. Finally a program that takes you on a journey to find your story and then share it with the world for the betterment of humanity. It doesn’t get better than this. You cannot even dream of the beauty that will unfold in your life. If you are ready to find LOVE as the center of your universe, I highly recommend the Unique Self Emergence Training Program.”

Emmanuelle Passes

Emmanuelle Passes

Massage and Craniosacral Therapist

“Everything I have learned in the Unique Self Emergence Facilitator Training has helped me go so much deeper in my work as a Craniosacral Therapist. I am able to tap into layers of emotions that I now have the tools and the ability to talk clients through and then offer them the USEP if they want to go deeper themselves in their own process.

I have grown, and have a deeper understanding of myself. I have been able to recognize where my shadow side/contractions, stop me from moving forward and blossoming and growing. I am able to stop repeating negative patterns as now I am aware of them and have the practices to move through them and into my Unique powerful self! And this is what I have been able to transfer to my clients.”

Ritu Esbjorn

Dr. Ritu Esbjorn

Marriage and Family Therapist

“The Unique Self Facilitator Training has been an amazing gift–one in which I feel like my whole life’s work has been honored.

I have felt supported continuously and have been able to integrate all of my various interests – particularly spirituality and psychology – into a cohesive process. I am very grateful for this offering and look forward to working with it with clients in the future.”

Kate Raymond

Kate Raymond

Spiritual Director

“When I first heard about the Unique Self Emergence Facilitator Program, I had every reason to believe this could be a door opening to a deeper understanding of what is most sacred in my life . . . and it was. The practices for each stage of the process, the readings, journaling and sessions with my faculty coach brought me again and again into an embodied experience of feeling connected to all. That understanding and feeling have continued and are there whenever I return from bouts of ego and separation.

My passion is working with individuals or groups who would like to explore their own spiritual growth with compassion and courage. The Unique Self Emergence Process offers extraordinarily effective strategies for doing this work in a way that meets each person where they are and guides them to become more of who they want to be.”

Gilles Brouillette

Gilles Brouillette, Ph.D.

President, Transformation Learning Institute, Executive Coach & Leadership Expert

“The best words I can use to describe the Unique Self Emergence Process is profound, rigorous and enlightening. Claire and Barbara have created a powerful transformational learning methodology that clearly maps the path to Unique Self Emergence.

I highly recommend this training to “serious practitioners” who want to facilitate the emergence of their own Unique Self as well as facilitate this awakening of consciousness with their clients.

Sandra Paolini

Sandra Paolini, M.A., M.F.T., C.H.T.

Marriage and Family Therapist

“The Unique Self Emergence Training is a journey that is deep, wide and transformational, delivered though a solid background of theory, practice and vision. Barbara and Claire are divine architects who have structured an intelligent, systematic and beautifully comprehensive program, which at the very least will knock your socks off. This is an advanced psycho-spiritual exploration into all aspects of the ‘”Self” with the capacity to wake you, shake you and change you at the core. So, if you’re looking for “real deal” transformational work, this is it!