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Ten years after the first edition of his Award Winning Book “Your Unique Self, The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment”, in 2012, Dr. Marc Gafni gives us his full vision of Unique Self as he articulates it today in a new unplugged video series filmed live in his Miami home:


In the last decade, the Unique Self teachings have fundamentally evolved, and today’s Unique Self Theory takes its full dimension as a new narrative of identity within the context of Dr. Gafni’s articulation of CosmoErotic Humanism, a new movement of thought he and Dr. Zak Stein have developed over the past decade.

This course offers a brief, but solid overview of this new narrative of identity, and points to why Unique Self is the critical and necessary next step in the Evolution of Consciousness as a response to existential risk.

Here’s what Ken Wilber, the eminent psychological theorist, mystic, and authority on Integral philosophy says about Unique Self Theory:

“DR. MARC GAFNI’S INTEGRAL UNIQUE SELF TEACHING IS SEMINAL. What you hold in your hands is a radically exciting and groundbreaking book that will change forever not only how you think about enlightenment, but how you understand, from a post-metaphysical perspective, the very nature of human life itself.”

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