Unique Self Institute

Unique Self Applications

While Unique Self Coaching has thus far been our most developed application of the Unique Self theory, this section of the website offers a wide range of articles and resources that display how the Unique Self Theory is being applied in various other disciplines, from psychology, medicine or education, parenting or business. Indeed, because this theory reflects a core structure of our identity as humans, it is applicable to a large number of contexts and areas.  For consulting on how to apply the Unique Self theory to your own practice and discipline, contact us.

Unique Self & Psychology

The alleviation of personal suffering requires for the greatest efficacy, a therapy that works at the level of identity. What is the purpose of my life? How can I realize the values and direction that are uniquely my own?  Unique Self is emerging as a revolutionary new technology for psychologists. 

Unique Self, Unique We & Relationships

The Unique Self encounter is the practice of holding a piece of another person’s story and receiving a piece of your story from them. Seen in this way, Unique Self fundamentally re-visions all types of relationships.

Unique Self & Sexuality

Unique Self in Sexuality is an invitation to examine the deeper and most profound forms of human sexuality. At the highest level, Unique Self sexing rejoices in the uniqueness of the sexual partner not as a separate self but as a unique expression of essence.

Unique Self & Spirituality

Unique Self synthesizes key insights of pre-modern, modern, and post-modern wisdom. Seen by leading voices as a Next Chapter in Integral Spirituality, it helps to change the source code of human existence.

Unique Self & Education

Students of all ages are consumed by the burning question, “Who am I?” Conventional teaching methods are not well suited to address this existential concern. Unique Self is a non-dogmatic, humanistic, values-based tool with the potential to shape education for generations to come.

Unique Self & Parenting

How can a child grow into the Light of her or his Unique Self without parents who live the truth of their own stories? Family is part of our Unique Obligation in the world. Parenting from a Unique Self matrix challenges some traditional ideas about the roles of parents and children.

Unique Self & Medicine

There is a dire need for the integration of the art, science, and morality of medicine. Unique Self Theory provides important insights that can evolve how we care for ourselves and each other. 

Unique Self & Business

A new Unique Self conversation is emerging among thought leaders in conscious capitalism. We are now witnessing the emergence of a new appreciation of the role of business in liberating human beings out of suffering into their essence both as individuals and visionary organizations.